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Game Description:
Up to three players can be lightbugs in this competitive party game. Outmaneuver other players survive!

This game was made for GameCraft2017.

In this game, players can...
- Dodge incoming bottles!
- Phase-shift through them!
- Sabotage other players by bumping into them!

A minimum of two players are required to play the game (using the keyboard).
A controller is required for the third player!

General Controls:
Spacebar - Start/Restart Game

Player 1 Controls:
WASD - Movement
Left Shift - Phase-Shift
Tab - Dash

Player 2 Controls:
Arrow Keys - Movement
Right Shift - Phase-Shift
Backslash - Dash

Player 3 Controls:
Analog Stick - Movement
X Button - Phase-Shift
Square Button - Dash

How To Join as Third-Player - You need to press the Phase-Shift button on the controller to join the game as Player 3!

How To Use Phase Shift/Dash - Each of the power-ups can be activated with their respective buttons for unlimited amount of times. BUT there is a cooldown timer upon each activation, so you wouldn't be able to spam it!

Team members:
Baron Chan
Chua Jia Xuan
See Wenhan


Lightbugs.zip 17 MB

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