PortStack V0.15

Hey guys, thanks for trying the game! This game is actually developed for mobile, but I made this web build to gather feedback. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments!
Here's a quick rundown of the new features!

1) New Cargo - Meet the Magnetic, Huge and Long blocks! Don't worry, these blocks won't appear in the QuickPlay mode, so highscores won't be skewed by lucky cargo spawns!
2) Stage System
-  The new cargo will appear only in Stage mode, where players have to drop a sequence of cargo without any of them dropping into the water. The same score systems still apply, but you get stars if you beat certain parameters!
3) Coin System - You now get rewarded with coins! Earn coins via QuickPlay and Stage modes. You get more coins for getting stars in Stage modes for the first time!
4) Swanky New Ships - Spend your coins on these swanky new ships! They don't just look nicer than the basic dingy - they each have their own unique attributes that will affect how you stack your cargo!
5) Major UI/UX Improvements  - Players can now mute music and sound effects. Also, they can restart or return to the main menu during the game.
6) Save System -  You can now save your game! Saves are made instantly, so don't worry about it.
[Note: Saves are broken for the web version on itch.io, as each new build wipes out old files. I have implemented a MONEY button for you guys, so you don't have to farm to try new ships!]

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