PortStack V0.17

I made quite a fair bit of changes after receiving feedback over the previous iterations. UI/UX should be more friendly and intuitive now. Also, all 15 stages are deployed!

Please let me know if any of the stages are too easy/hard. I haven't really crunched the numbers to ensure balance!

1) All Stages - All 15 stages actually work now. Give them your best shot!
2) Intuitive UI - Animations were added to ChangeShip buttons and BlocksLeft indicator during the game. Players should more easily be aware of their presence now.
3) New Cargo - Circle and Bouncy Cargos have been implemented! These cargos are really annoying to place properly... maybe a Magnet Cargo will be of use? ;)

Going forward, I would be improving the UI more - some players have given feedback that the 'stars' on the stage buttons don't exactly look like stars. Of course, I will be introducing more cargo, stages and ships!


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Sep 02, 2017

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